Purple Pineapple Core Values

Purple Pineapple is genuinely and wholeheartedly committed to helping to build a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry. 
Even so, I wouldn't say that we're having a 'friendly' impact yet, so I'm promoting a new concept of 'Eco-Consciousness', which means that we are actively committed to doing all we can to think of the environment and our impact on it.  
My health has never been very good and the wonders of nature have got me through many difficult phases in my life.  My inspiration is drawn from the creatures, colours, textures, movement and energies all around me.  I draw energy from the Earth and I do my best to pass it on and give it back.  This is my ethos and the core structure to my Company.
Print on demand is a more eco-friendly way of internet shopping:  
  1. Products are not printed until an order has been received and paid for.  The order is then despatched directly to the customer. This means less waste and less carbon emissions.  
  2. Most of our suppliers either use eco-friendly printers, using water based inks, or they are actively looking at the viability of more eco-friendly printers.
  3. Most of our suppliers also use eco-friendly packaging.

Purple Pineapple absolutely condones any form of slavery or abuse of people, or of animals and we are actively committed to building relationships with suppliers who subscribe to the same values.
Cathryn Chlihi, 
Founder and CEO of Purple Pineapple Fashion Ltd